Net Neutrality


Net neutrality is extremely important in our world today. With how technology is changing every single day we rely on that to provide us with entertainment, and provide us with information. From the time that the internet was first introduced to us to the present day we constantly depend on it. I know that my generation doesn’t even go near books to do research and search for some sort of answer we are seeking. Unlike the older generation who to them it wouldn’t be a big deal if they had to open a book and read in order to gain some knowledge. So, you’re probably wondering why I am bringing up all the random points about our technology and our method of entertainment purposes, along with research for school projects.

Our government thinks its a lovely idea to basically get rid of net neutrality. What does that mean for us? It means that there is a chance that we might have to pay MORE in order to use the internet! They may even try to treat the internet as if were paying for Charter, Dish, or Direct T.V.. You can get this get package with these websites for $19.99 per. month or you can get the premium package for $50 per. month. Even currently we are paying more for our internet then other countries. Like the U.K. is paying less money for the internet and it way faster for them then it is for us. Ridiculous, right?

The reason why they may have a set up like this is, because a lot of website are refusing to pay up in order to be in the fast lane. Which then causes them to be stuck in the slow lane. The fast the internet becomes the slower those websites become that are stuck in the slow lane. In fact, those websites would become so slow that it will come to a point where you won’t be able to use that particular site anymore! In on of the videos I watched about net neutrality I liked how they explained the slow and fast lane. They explained it as if they are V.I.P’s the a club. The ones that can pay are able to go and party, while everyone is stuck in line wanting to get in.

All I know is that if this issue of net neutrality does not get resolved. We are going to have a lot of upset people on our hands, and who knows how they will react.