Advertising Roles and My Future


In this assignment I was instructed to do some research of typical roles that you may find at an advertising agencies. The other part of the assignment is to see what role would I be most interested in doing come graduation time. A lot of the jobs I found under, Advertising Agencies, were pretty generic roles that you would find at one. The roles are divided into five different categories; account management, account planning, creative, media, and interactive marketing.

The first one I will be talking about will be account management. They represent the client at the ad agency, and have knowledge of the consumer, product, and the roles that reside in the agency. They make sure that communication flows between the client and the employees at the agency. Making sure that all the needs are met for the client. These are some of the job titles that are under account management; Director of Account Services, Account Director, Management, Account Supervisor, Account Executive, Assistant Account Exec.

Second, I will be describing the account-planning role. Their goal is to make sure that the consumer’s perspective is understand when an advertisement is being developed correctly. What they do is research the consumer and product to help the creative team come up with new ways of advertising the product. That way it catches the attention of the consumer. Some of the tactics they use to do their research is consumer psychology and behavior, brand-sale history, competitor’s sales and so on. These are some of the job titles that fall under account planning; executive account planning, account planning manager, account planning supervisor, and account planning.

Next, I will be talk about what the creative team does for an advertising agency. They are the brains behind how the images and words appear on any sort of ad you might see. Even though a lot of people help with creating an ad, the end results of the ad land on the shoulders of copywriters and art directors. Copywriters are in charge of proofreading ad copies, writing body copies, and creating sales promotions. Sometimes they are even asked to come up with ideas for a product, or even write a jingle/dialogue of a T.V, commercial. Now, what the art director does is to preparing and designs a concept for the ad. They can do anything from storyboards to T.V. ads to rough lettering. Here are some of the job titles under creative; creative director, creative supervisor, copywriter, art director, and illustrator.

Now, I will be talking about the media department. Their duty is to place advertisement in the correct spot. That way it reaches the right people, in the right place, causing it to be cost-effective! What they do is study and gathers information about the viewer’s habits. This would be anything from their reading habits to their T.V. habits. That way they are aware of when and where to place the ads. These are just come of the job titles in media; executive media director, executive media buying director, group media director, associate media director, and media planner.

Finally, I will be talking about the last department of an ad agency and that being interactive marketing. These are the people who help make up websites that gets people’s attention. They make it so that consumers are constantly checking out the website. They keep a track of how long people visit a site / stay on the page to view it. By doing this they make sure if the page they created are attracting the people in a good way or a bad way. If it is in a bad way then they just change the site and up that it will continue to attract the consumer.

After looking into these jobs I did further research to see other job titles that would fall under these categories above. I came across Multi-Media Artist, which could easily fall into creative or media, and I read the responsibilities and I know for a fact this is something I would love to do! What they are in charge of is to design multimedia graphics, animations, audio, and in charge of video production. This is the type of thing I’ve always been fascinated with and could totally nerd over. So, I definitely know this is the type of thing I could get into. Hopefully one day I can be doing this!