Chapter One: Careers in Social Media Marketing


After reading the first chapter of, Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach. The thing that intrigued me the most was the career portion of it. In the chapter it indicated that the traditional marketing jobs is take a hardcore economic downfall. While the social media marketing is rising up and taking over. Currently, marketers are spending about 3.5% of their budget is spent on social media. That may not sound like much, but it is said to increase to 13.7% in the next five years! You have no idea how crazy that is! That there shows social media is just going to get bigger and bigger. In the end this will just be creating more jobs, which will also our economy.

However, a lot of the social media marketing jobs are freelance. So, what does that mean for those who are actually working for a big company? It means that those who need the expertise in that field, and cant afford to have their own staff. Will go to a freelancer, who will probably do it for a lot cheaper than what it would take to have a whole staff do it. Yes, it may be a growing field, but it will be a very competitive one.

At the same time, a bigger company could pick up someone who does freelance work. Say there was someone who was constantly on Twitter, and they hash tagged a company constantly. That company could see that and say they like what that person is saying, or doing. The company could pick that person up (not literally) and make them in charge of their social media department. There for there are perks for working in an actual company; steady income, and doing the same typical job. The downside to this though, would be that you could be chosen over someone who can do it for cheaper. Then there are perks for doing freelance; you get to work your own hours, and your constantly doing something different. The downside for this is kind of obvious, steady income is none existent!

Let us review what we have learned today. Social media marketing has a bright future. Which means creating more potential jobs and making our economy even better. On the other hand, who you decide to work for, or if you even decide to work for yourself can affect your future drastically.