Starbucks Target Market Personas



The role that a student has is gathering knowledge. If a student lacks knowledge then they wouldn’t be able to move on to the next level. This could be the next level or be graduating from High School, or a University. In this day and age, they have the need to be bigger, better, and greater than everyone else. What triggers this for them is the pressures that they get from their parents, professors, and coaches. With all these different pressures coming at them at once they also have the need to stay up all night. That way they can accomplish everything that is asked of them.

These students would be between the ages of 15-30, and they would of both genders. In determining what the income would be for these students would be difficult. Both High School and undergraduates would have little to no income. Unless, if they were going for their graduate degree, or something along the lines of that. Then their income would be decent. Their living location would also vary. If they were living on campus it would depend on where the college is located, but if they live off campus. Then they would probably live in an urban or rural area. At this point their lives they have any values. Since they are still trying to figure out where they fit in life, but when they have an opinion on something they will be stubborn and not give up on it. Though, this type of person may be stubborn in some aspects. They just want to have fun and be free spirited. These students also have a wide range on a technographic standpoint. In my personal opinion, I could see them in all categories, those being creators, critics, collectors, joiners, and spectators.


These people take on the role of being entrusted in someone’s lively hood. With all that stress that rests upon them. The one thing they want to do the most is to unwind and forget their worries at work. The people in this field are 25-54 years old and are of the male gender. People in this kind of role are making between $50,000-100,000 a year. With that kind of salary, they are probably living in a suburban area. You could see this type of person being a workaholic, stubborn, and extremely serious all the time. They are the kind of people to value honesty, hard workers, and great communication. Finally, if they could be anyone on the technographic scale they would be a critic, collector, spectator, or inactive.

Stay At Home Mom

The role this person would take on is the caregiver. This is a very fitting role considering they have decided to stay home, and personally, raise the children. Though, taking on this role does have its downsides to it. Between taking care of the child(ren) and the rest of the home. That leaves the caregiver with no energy. Leaving them very tired and very cranky towards everyone else around them. This group of people would be 23-50 years old and they would be of the female gender. Since they are stay at home mothers they would have no income. They would be depending on their husband’s high salary. If that is the case (the husband having a high salary) then they would be living in an urban or suburban neighborhood. Stay at home mothers are kind, loving, protective, and patient towards children and their loved ones. They value honesty, family, love, happiness, and everything above. You could see them living in a nice, clean house and neighborhood. Basically, they would have the picture perfect family. Also, even when they are tired and overwhelmed. They would put on a happy face and try to stay upbeat. Their technographic personality trait would be either a collector or a spectator.

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