Starbucks is an American based coffeehouse. Besides serving coffee at their stores they also offer a wide variety of tea, pastries, and other treats to munch on. Not only do they provide beverages and goods to satisfy the taste buds. They also provide a way of life. A place where people can gather to chat or do business. Approximately 32 million Americans visit its stores every month. Which means a wide variety of people visit these stores; 49% of Adults ages 25 – 40, and 40% of Young Adults ages 18 – 24. However, only 2% of Teens ages 13 – 17 go to Starbucks. Obviously, teens don’t normally drink a lot of coffee, especially at the age of 13. This means we must create ways to get teens attentions.

There are several ways that could be done in order to gain more foot traffic among the teen market. Even though Starbucks is known for its coffee. They should create more tea and smoothie flavors. If you go to any Starbucks location there are very little options for both beverage types. Unless they know of the secret menu items that tell you how to use different flavors to create drinks. They will be stuck with the same old flavors. By having more flavors they will want to actually go to Starbucks. The second option would be to involve even more social media. What they should do is to have a wide screen T.V. somewhere in the store. This would display a picture of people who take selfies with their coffee / friends. In order to have the picture show up on the T.V., they must use hashtags that they post on either Instagram or Twitter. Otherwise, in the Starbucks app, they could have as an option to upload your photo and get it displayed that way. Occasionally, Starbucks could do a giveaway and they could choose a winner by selecting a picture that was submitted. Anything that is technology related, especially with pictures, will get the younger generation interested in wanting to go to Starbucks.

Sephora is a high-end beauty retail chain. They offer nothing but a unique experience while shopping there. Their brands range from well known to up and comers. Another thing they offer (that many beauty retails chains don’t) is their very own products. Both men and women flock to purchase the amazing products Sephora provides. About 54% of people around the world go to Sephora. Women between the ages of 20 – 50 and men between the ages of 20 – 40 shop there. By looking at the numbers that’s not too bad. Though, there is always room for improvement.

As many people may know. Sephora is well known for having its high-end products. That being said, this means the products they provide are very expensive. Even their own brand is slightly expensive. This means that they are losing the potential of bringing in more costumers. By having more sales and specials this could help bring in more foot traffic. Though, they do offer coupons to those of who have a beauty insider card. Which in a way is unfair to those who don’t want one. Even if the consumer doesn’t have the card. They should still offer coupons to everyone. This would increase the market size significantly.


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