Starbucks Target Market Personas



The role that a student has is gathering knowledge. If a student lacks knowledge then they wouldn’t be able to move on to the next level. This could be the next level or be graduating from High School, or a University. In this day and age, they have the need to be bigger, better, and greater than everyone else. What triggers this for them is the pressures that they get from their parents, professors, and coaches. With all these different pressures coming at them at once they also have the need to stay up all night. That way they can accomplish everything that is asked of them.

These students would be between the ages of 15-30, and they would of both genders. In determining what the income would be for these students would be difficult. Both High School and undergraduates would have little to no income. Unless, if they were going for their graduate degree, or something along the lines of that. Then their income would be decent. Their living location would also vary. If they were living on campus it would depend on where the college is located, but if they live off campus. Then they would probably live in an urban or rural area. At this point their lives they have any values. Since they are still trying to figure out where they fit in life, but when they have an opinion on something they will be stubborn and not give up on it. Though, this type of person may be stubborn in some aspects. They just want to have fun and be free spirited. These students also have a wide range on a technographic standpoint. In my personal opinion, I could see them in all categories, those being creators, critics, collectors, joiners, and spectators.


These people take on the role of being entrusted in someone’s lively hood. With all that stress that rests upon them. The one thing they want to do the most is to unwind and forget their worries at work. The people in this field are 25-54 years old and are of the male gender. People in this kind of role are making between $50,000-100,000 a year. With that kind of salary, they are probably living in a suburban area. You could see this type of person being a workaholic, stubborn, and extremely serious all the time. They are the kind of people to value honesty, hard workers, and great communication. Finally, if they could be anyone on the technographic scale they would be a critic, collector, spectator, or inactive.

Stay At Home Mom

The role this person would take on is the caregiver. This is a very fitting role considering they have decided to stay home, and personally, raise the children. Though, taking on this role does have its downsides to it. Between taking care of the child(ren) and the rest of the home. That leaves the caregiver with no energy. Leaving them very tired and very cranky towards everyone else around them. This group of people would be 23-50 years old and they would be of the female gender. Since they are stay at home mothers they would have no income. They would be depending on their husband’s high salary. If that is the case (the husband having a high salary) then they would be living in an urban or suburban neighborhood. Stay at home mothers are kind, loving, protective, and patient towards children and their loved ones. They value honesty, family, love, happiness, and everything above. You could see them living in a nice, clean house and neighborhood. Basically, they would have the picture perfect family. Also, even when they are tired and overwhelmed. They would put on a happy face and try to stay upbeat. Their technographic personality trait would be either a collector or a spectator.


Kryptonite Case Study


This case study all started when Chris Brennan, a biking enthusiast, posted on a forum a tiny flaw the Kryptonite bike lock had. On this forum, he showed that a Bic pen could easily unlock this expensive bike lock. This demonstration quickly hopped from one social media platform to the next. Which caused potential consumers to be very upset, and public relations with a hot mess to deal with. The company did respond within the 5-business day rule. They apologized for what had happened and offered existing customers the chance to exchange their bike lock for a new one. However, this didn’t matter to some and their product / response error landed in a book called, “Naked Conversations: How Blogs Are changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers.” Once word of this book reached the head of public relations, Donna Tocci, she reached out to the authors, Robert Scobie, and Shei Isreal, to set the record straight. They then asked her if Kryptonite’s PR team handled the situation to the best of their capabilities, she said, “We could have responded to the concerns earlier, other than that, there wasn’t much more we could have done.” Even though the company did everything right. The negativity of the events still follows them to this day.

I feel like the reason why this story blew up was because it was so easy to break into an expensive lock. It didn’t help that the demonstration of breaking into it went from one social media platform to the next. Also, it probably didn’t help that the company didn’t address it right away. Even though they claim that they responded in a reasonable amount of time. This didn’t settle well with many of the consumers.

As for how Donna Tocci explained her PR team to the authors. My feelings on her response are mixed. On one hand, I feel like her team should’ve been monitoring all social media platforms that mention their company. That way they can respond accordingly and diffuse the problem immediately. On the other hand, they did respond to the customers and promise those who did have the bike lock an updated model. In the end, I would take her side on this matter because they did respond as soon as they could and tried to fix the problem.

What Kryptonite should do now to prevent this from happening again is to create a social media marketing team. By creating this team, they could set up several social media pages. That way, customers can leave their concerns on a legitimate media page and not a forum that the company won’t be aware of. This will help them respond to the customers concerns immediately. Which will hopefully restore hope to the company for both new and current customers.

If other companies have heard of this case. They should definitely learn from Kryptonite and their mistakes. Even though they did everything that they could at the time. It still backfired on them hardcore. When it comes to terms of listening to the consumer and being responsive. Every company must be very active at this. If they aren’t attentive to the customer they will get eaten alive! All those consumers will turn on the company and see them as being unprofessional. Another thing that companies should keep in mind is to have their media page user-friendly. By having it user-friendly, they should keep it simplistic and clean. If companies make their page complex the consumer will become so frustrated that they’ll give up trying to use. This will cause them to get turned off by the company and make them want to avoid the company completely. Lastly, what companies should keep in mind is, what is their competitor using? Before they decide which social media platform they should go with. They should research their competitor to see which sites they are using and how they are using it. This would hopefully put said company one step ahead of the competing company.

Starbucks Social Media Platforms


Social media has become a huge part of our lives. It informs us about recent celebrity scandals, the best deals that are going on right now, and tragedies that are happening around the world. For my assignment this week, I had to pick a company and check out their social media accounts. By doing this I needed to find out who they were signed up with, how many accounts they currently have, and why exactly they are going through all this trouble. The company I decided to go with was Starbucks.

The reason why I picked Starbucks was, because they are a very popular company and I am a huge fan of their coffee. By doing my research I discovered that they are signed up with every possible social media-networking site known to man! They were signed up with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Meetme, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter. Not to mention they also have a site that contains their “secret menu”. A lot of those sites I wasn’t really surprised about, due to the fact that I follow them on the majority of those sites. The one I was surprised about was the site, Meetme.

When I was looking up their Twitter. I saw that they had a link to the site, Meetme. Personally, this was way too funny for me because that is mainly a dating site. To me, that was very strange to see they were on that type of a site. The other crazy thing I discovered while I was looking them up was that they had not one, not two, but 8 plus Twitter accounts! I know that sounds unbelievable and simply crazy, but it’s completely true! They all range for the Starbucks Members to Starbucks Ideas, and let’s not forget Starbucks UK (which I totally didn’t think even existed until now).

So, why do I think they are on all these different media sites? For one, I feel like they are trying to reach a younger generation that depends on the World Wide Web. They need to know what the latest trends are and what’s cool, and not cool. By Starbucks knowing this generation is dependent on needing to know what’s trending. They can easily post their yummy coffee and the great deals that they having going. Not to mention the better deals you get if you are a Starbucks Member. All day long they post pictures, deals, and secret drinks that you can try out. This is their way of burrowing into your mind and forcing you to remember that they are the best. That they are number one place to go for coffee!

Let us recap on what we learned today. Starbucks is power hungry. They want to make sure that they connect with every single person in the world. Even if that means having accounts on seven different social media networks, and having eight plus twitter accounts. This company wants to show both the older generation and the younger generation (mainly the younger one) that they are hip, cool, and trendy.

What Social Media is to Me.


I use several different social media sites. One could say I am slightly addicted to social media sites, but I like being updated on EVERYTHING. This could be anything from my closest friends to celebrity updates. I also use these sites for beauty tutorials, and for ideas, I can incorporate in the future. Over the next few paragraphs, I will be reflecting on what these social media sites mean to me.

A lot of the social media sites I use are for keeping in touch with people, those sites being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. I like these sites because I can easily get in touch with people. Also, I am constantly updated on what everyone is doing. Those two things are really important to me. The reason being that I have many friends that are in different cities and in different states. So, if I ever want to get a hold of them I can just message them. If I can’t get ahold of them that way I know that I can always do my quick scan of their posts. Though, I am guilty of just “creeping” on other people and not really communicating with them. This is extremely embarrassing to admit, but who isn’t a “troll” now of days.

Another way I like to use media platforms is to get creative ideas. Whether it is beauty tutorials, home décor, clothing styles, and recipes. I, personally, only use two sites for this kind of research. Those sites would be Pinterest and YouTube. These two sites are amazing for the simple fact that you can type in anything that you need to know. Once the results come up they have different options to choose from. I mean, who doesn’t like having more than one option to choose from? I know that I love it, because if one tutorial doesn’t work then you can try a different version of it. In many cases, I’ve had to do different versions of tutorials, especially in the beauty department!

However, one thing I despise about social media, mainly Facebook, is that it keeps track of what you look up. The problem I have with this site is, that it shows what you’ve looked up or something similar to it on the side of the page. To me, that’s invasion of privacy. They have no right to keep tabs of what we do on other sites. It makes you wonder what else they, Facebook, does that we are not aware of! Scary stuff.

So, let us recap what social media means to me. It’s a place where you can keep tabs on friends, family, and updates on celebrities. At the same time, you get to learn new things that you can apply in your everyday life. On the downside, people “creep” on one another. This could be an ex, someone you hate, or someone you have a crush. Either way, we’re all creeping on one another (which can also lead to some hardcore stalking, but we’re not going to go there). Even Facebook does some heavy-duty stalking. Remember people, be careful what you post on the internet because the world has all eyes on you!

Chapter One: Careers in Social Media Marketing


After reading the first chapter of, Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach. The thing that intrigued me the most was the career portion of it. In the chapter it indicated that the traditional marketing jobs is take a hardcore economic downfall. While the social media marketing is rising up and taking over. Currently, marketers are spending about 3.5% of their budget is spent on social media. That may not sound like much, but it is said to increase to 13.7% in the next five years! You have no idea how crazy that is! That there shows social media is just going to get bigger and bigger. In the end this will just be creating more jobs, which will also our economy.

However, a lot of the social media marketing jobs are freelance. So, what does that mean for those who are actually working for a big company? It means that those who need the expertise in that field, and cant afford to have their own staff. Will go to a freelancer, who will probably do it for a lot cheaper than what it would take to have a whole staff do it. Yes, it may be a growing field, but it will be a very competitive one.

At the same time, a bigger company could pick up someone who does freelance work. Say there was someone who was constantly on Twitter, and they hash tagged a company constantly. That company could see that and say they like what that person is saying, or doing. The company could pick that person up (not literally) and make them in charge of their social media department. There for there are perks for working in an actual company; steady income, and doing the same typical job. The downside to this though, would be that you could be chosen over someone who can do it for cheaper. Then there are perks for doing freelance; you get to work your own hours, and your constantly doing something different. The downside for this is kind of obvious, steady income is none existent!

Let us review what we have learned today. Social media marketing has a bright future. Which means creating more potential jobs and making our economy even better. On the other hand, who you decide to work for, or if you even decide to work for yourself can affect your future drastically.

Advertising Roles and My Future


In this assignment I was instructed to do some research of typical roles that you may find at an advertising agencies. The other part of the assignment is to see what role would I be most interested in doing come graduation time. A lot of the jobs I found under, Advertising Agencies, were pretty generic roles that you would find at one. The roles are divided into five different categories; account management, account planning, creative, media, and interactive marketing.

The first one I will be talking about will be account management. They represent the client at the ad agency, and have knowledge of the consumer, product, and the roles that reside in the agency. They make sure that communication flows between the client and the employees at the agency. Making sure that all the needs are met for the client. These are some of the job titles that are under account management; Director of Account Services, Account Director, Management, Account Supervisor, Account Executive, Assistant Account Exec.

Second, I will be describing the account-planning role. Their goal is to make sure that the consumer’s perspective is understand when an advertisement is being developed correctly. What they do is research the consumer and product to help the creative team come up with new ways of advertising the product. That way it catches the attention of the consumer. Some of the tactics they use to do their research is consumer psychology and behavior, brand-sale history, competitor’s sales and so on. These are some of the job titles that fall under account planning; executive account planning, account planning manager, account planning supervisor, and account planning.

Next, I will be talk about what the creative team does for an advertising agency. They are the brains behind how the images and words appear on any sort of ad you might see. Even though a lot of people help with creating an ad, the end results of the ad land on the shoulders of copywriters and art directors. Copywriters are in charge of proofreading ad copies, writing body copies, and creating sales promotions. Sometimes they are even asked to come up with ideas for a product, or even write a jingle/dialogue of a T.V, commercial. Now, what the art director does is to preparing and designs a concept for the ad. They can do anything from storyboards to T.V. ads to rough lettering. Here are some of the job titles under creative; creative director, creative supervisor, copywriter, art director, and illustrator.

Now, I will be talking about the media department. Their duty is to place advertisement in the correct spot. That way it reaches the right people, in the right place, causing it to be cost-effective! What they do is study and gathers information about the viewer’s habits. This would be anything from their reading habits to their T.V. habits. That way they are aware of when and where to place the ads. These are just come of the job titles in media; executive media director, executive media buying director, group media director, associate media director, and media planner.

Finally, I will be talking about the last department of an ad agency and that being interactive marketing. These are the people who help make up websites that gets people’s attention. They make it so that consumers are constantly checking out the website. They keep a track of how long people visit a site / stay on the page to view it. By doing this they make sure if the page they created are attracting the people in a good way or a bad way. If it is in a bad way then they just change the site and up that it will continue to attract the consumer.

After looking into these jobs I did further research to see other job titles that would fall under these categories above. I came across Multi-Media Artist, which could easily fall into creative or media, and I read the responsibilities and I know for a fact this is something I would love to do! What they are in charge of is to design multimedia graphics, animations, audio, and in charge of video production. This is the type of thing I’ve always been fascinated with and could totally nerd over. So, I definitely know this is the type of thing I could get into. Hopefully one day I can be doing this!

Net Neutrality


Net neutrality is extremely important in our world today. With how technology is changing every single day we rely on that to provide us with entertainment, and provide us with information. From the time that the internet was first introduced to us to the present day we constantly depend on it. I know that my generation doesn’t even go near books to do research and search for some sort of answer we are seeking. Unlike the older generation who to them it wouldn’t be a big deal if they had to open a book and read in order to gain some knowledge. So, you’re probably wondering why I am bringing up all the random points about our technology and our method of entertainment purposes, along with research for school projects.

Our government thinks its a lovely idea to basically get rid of net neutrality. What does that mean for us? It means that there is a chance that we might have to pay MORE in order to use the internet! They may even try to treat the internet as if were paying for Charter, Dish, or Direct T.V.. You can get this get package with these websites for $19.99 per. month or you can get the premium package for $50 per. month. Even currently we are paying more for our internet then other countries. Like the U.K. is paying less money for the internet and it way faster for them then it is for us. Ridiculous, right?

The reason why they may have a set up like this is, because a lot of website are refusing to pay up in order to be in the fast lane. Which then causes them to be stuck in the slow lane. The fast the internet becomes the slower those websites become that are stuck in the slow lane. In fact, those websites would become so slow that it will come to a point where you won’t be able to use that particular site anymore! In on of the videos I watched about net neutrality I liked how they explained the slow and fast lane. They explained it as if they are V.I.P’s the a club. The ones that can pay are able to go and party, while everyone is stuck in line wanting to get in.

All I know is that if this issue of net neutrality does not get resolved. We are going to have a lot of upset people on our hands, and who knows how they will react.