Blogging about Starbucks Blogs


All right, for this blog assignment, I will be blogging about bloggers, who blog about Starbucks. Basically, I will be trolling on bloggers who talk about Starbucks. This can range from the customer service to the actual product.

Coconut milk for your beverage at Starbucks: Beginning February 17th.

Before I get into the actual blog itself. I just want to take a moment to talk about the blogger. The blogger’s name is Melody and she’s basically a coffee addict. She grew up where the actual Starbucks was born, that’s right; we’re talking about Settle, Washington, the motherland of Starbucks. Being around Starbucks for as long as she has, and being absolutely in love with their beverages and products. She figured, “Hey! I love coffee and I love Starbucks. Let’s make a blog about all of that.”

Now, let’s talk about the actual blog topic itself. Basically, it is about how Starbucks has been experimenting with non-dairy milk since the summer of 2014. They even tested this “coconut milk” in a Portland, Oregon store, and the test was very successful. They then expanded that test to Ohio and so on and so forth. At this point, all the Starbuck chains in the U.S. (and possibly some Canada chains) have this coconut milk in their possession, but they will not be serving it to the public until Feb. 17th, 2015 (tomorrow). With this milk you can put it in any beverage of your choice; Latte, Mochas, and Frappuccino’s. The comments are very back and forth. For those that have tried the coconut milk have absolutely loved it or they hate it hardcore. Others are arguing over the fact that the coconut milk contains an ingredient called, carrageenan, which causes cancer.

7 Reasons Starbucks is the McDonalds of Coffee

This blogger just talks about all different kinds of coffee. These coffee brands would range from Starbucks to Caribou. Heck if theirs coffee at a fast-food restaurant he will talk about it.

Now, about his blog topic, throughout his blog he basically talks about how Starbucks is slowly starting become McDonalds. He mentions how Starbucks decided to start serving breakfast sandwiches like McDonalds. After that, he talks about how Starbucks went on to switch over to instant coffee and automatic espresso machines. Lastly, he talks about how they then decided to change from, the standard espresso milk, to two percent milk, and how their mission statement is completely different.

Ex: Before; “To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffees in the world…”

After; “Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”

As you can see their newest mission statement is a lot more vague and doesn’t talk about their coffee at all.

Also, you probably noticed I only mentioned five out of the seven comparisons he had discussed in his blog. The reason why I did is because I don’t agree with the ones he had mentioned. Those two points were the Frappuccino and the k-cups. First off, I don’t know why he would bring up the fact how Starbucks is becoming like McDonalds because of the Frappuccino. Starbucks was the first one to introduce this product in 1994. McDonalds didn’t introduce the McCafe in the U.S. until 2001. If anything, McDonalds copied Starbucks on that aspect. As for the k-cups they only did that so that Keurig users could enjoy their coffee at home as well. The majority of the people who commented on this post agreed with what blogger had said. Though, they did have some of their own opinions as to how McDonalds and Starbucks are similar, like how they aren’t considered fast-food but real estate, or how they don’t really focus on making the product amazing but how they make the customers experience amazing.

Starbucks Is Making Beer Flavored Coffee?


On this site, it basically talks smack about all the hot products that are out there. They have pictures up and make fun of them, but they also talk about actual things that are going on and stay serious about it.

In this blog, they talk about how Starbucks is coming out with its own beer. With me being young and starting to explore the world of alcohol I thought it was very intriguing! The name they decided to go with is The Dark Barrel Latte. This drink contains espresso and chocolate stout flavor. They then finish it off with whipped cream and dark caramel drizzle. After reading that portion of it I was getting really excited, but then soon got disappointed it said that theirs no alcohol in the drink, but a lot of people have said it tastes like beer! It then goes on to say that Starbucks does sell beer and wine during the evening, but only at certain stores. Everybody in the comment section of this page agreed that it is ridiculous that Starbucks would have their own line of beer and wine. That it simply wouldn’t taste any good and that they should just stick to their coffee. Personally, I think that it’s a great idea that they have branched from coffee to alcohol, and are trying to incorporate those amazing coffee flavors into those drinks. Then again that’s just me!



Starbucks Target Market Personas



The role that a student has is gathering knowledge. If a student lacks knowledge then they wouldn’t be able to move on to the next level. This could be the next level or be graduating from High School, or a University. In this day and age, they have the need to be bigger, better, and greater than everyone else. What triggers this for them is the pressures that they get from their parents, professors, and coaches. With all these different pressures coming at them at once they also have the need to stay up all night. That way they can accomplish everything that is asked of them.

These students would be between the ages of 15-30, and they would of both genders. In determining what the income would be for these students would be difficult. Both High School and undergraduates would have little to no income. Unless, if they were going for their graduate degree, or something along the lines of that. Then their income would be decent. Their living location would also vary. If they were living on campus it would depend on where the college is located, but if they live off campus. Then they would probably live in an urban or rural area. At this point their lives they have any values. Since they are still trying to figure out where they fit in life, but when they have an opinion on something they will be stubborn and not give up on it. Though, this type of person may be stubborn in some aspects. They just want to have fun and be free spirited. These students also have a wide range on a technographic standpoint. In my personal opinion, I could see them in all categories, those being creators, critics, collectors, joiners, and spectators.


These people take on the role of being entrusted in someone’s lively hood. With all that stress that rests upon them. The one thing they want to do the most is to unwind and forget their worries at work. The people in this field are 25-54 years old and are of the male gender. People in this kind of role are making between $50,000-100,000 a year. With that kind of salary, they are probably living in a suburban area. You could see this type of person being a workaholic, stubborn, and extremely serious all the time. They are the kind of people to value honesty, hard workers, and great communication. Finally, if they could be anyone on the technographic scale they would be a critic, collector, spectator, or inactive.

Stay At Home Mom

The role this person would take on is the caregiver. This is a very fitting role considering they have decided to stay home, and personally, raise the children. Though, taking on this role does have its downsides to it. Between taking care of the child(ren) and the rest of the home. That leaves the caregiver with no energy. Leaving them very tired and very cranky towards everyone else around them. This group of people would be 23-50 years old and they would be of the female gender. Since they are stay at home mothers they would have no income. They would be depending on their husband’s high salary. If that is the case (the husband having a high salary) then they would be living in an urban or suburban neighborhood. Stay at home mothers are kind, loving, protective, and patient towards children and their loved ones. They value honesty, family, love, happiness, and everything above. You could see them living in a nice, clean house and neighborhood. Basically, they would have the picture perfect family. Also, even when they are tired and overwhelmed. They would put on a happy face and try to stay upbeat. Their technographic personality trait would be either a collector or a spectator.

Starbucks Social Media Platforms


Social media has become a huge part of our lives. It informs us about recent celebrity scandals, the best deals that are going on right now, and tragedies that are happening around the world. For my assignment this week, I had to pick a company and check out their social media accounts. By doing this I needed to find out who they were signed up with, how many accounts they currently have, and why exactly they are going through all this trouble. The company I decided to go with was Starbucks.

The reason why I picked Starbucks was, because they are a very popular company and I am a huge fan of their coffee. By doing my research I discovered that they are signed up with every possible social media-networking site known to man! They were signed up with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Meetme, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter. Not to mention they also have a site that contains their “secret menu”. A lot of those sites I wasn’t really surprised about, due to the fact that I follow them on the majority of those sites. The one I was surprised about was the site, Meetme.

When I was looking up their Twitter. I saw that they had a link to the site, Meetme. Personally, this was way too funny for me because that is mainly a dating site. To me, that was very strange to see they were on that type of a site. The other crazy thing I discovered while I was looking them up was that they had not one, not two, but 8 plus Twitter accounts! I know that sounds unbelievable and simply crazy, but it’s completely true! They all range for the Starbucks Members to Starbucks Ideas, and let’s not forget Starbucks UK (which I totally didn’t think even existed until now).

So, why do I think they are on all these different media sites? For one, I feel like they are trying to reach a younger generation that depends on the World Wide Web. They need to know what the latest trends are and what’s cool, and not cool. By Starbucks knowing this generation is dependent on needing to know what’s trending. They can easily post their yummy coffee and the great deals that they having going. Not to mention the better deals you get if you are a Starbucks Member. All day long they post pictures, deals, and secret drinks that you can try out. This is their way of burrowing into your mind and forcing you to remember that they are the best. That they are number one place to go for coffee!

Let us recap on what we learned today. Starbucks is power hungry. They want to make sure that they connect with every single person in the world. Even if that means having accounts on seven different social media networks, and having eight plus twitter accounts. This company wants to show both the older generation and the younger generation (mainly the younger one) that they are hip, cool, and trendy.