The Future of Social Media


Technology and social media have come a long way since the 1940’s and the 1990’s. If you think about to the movie, Back To The Future, a lot of the advances we have made today correlate with the movie. For example; When Marty is watching is future self-talk to his boss. They were talking to each other using a television screen. Currently, if you have an IPhone or a Smartphone you can FaceTime or Skype people no matter where they are located. Granted, we haven’t gotten to the point of hover cars and 3D advertisements but I have a feeling we are getting closer, and closer to that happening. I mean look at some of the advertisement boards around your town. A lot of them are electronic billboards now and change ads every few seconds. In the next few paragraphs, I will be discussing the upcoming trends for social media, and what predictions are being made for Facebook and Twitter.

After doing some digging on the World Wide Web. I discovered that we have already started some of the trends that have been predicted; Companies hitting the social network scene, Companies sending text messages (if the customer provides their phone number), Advertising only social networks, and Video Live Streaming. However, there are others that slowly being presented but have not made its presents yet. For instants, being able to have a social network in the work place. Now, I’m not talking about LinkdIn or Facebook for advertising purposes. I’m talking about social networking sites for business purposes only. The idea is to have a platform that will replace emailing one business person to another. What they would like to see is a site where you can do group chat rooms (whether it’s within in the company, other businesses, or international), having a company profile and, of course, having your own personal profile. Its kind of like an IM messanger combined with MySpace and Facebook. Only this would be used for business purposes. One other trend that may be appearing on the social scene is Machine Learning. There is an App out there that you can download onto your smartphone called Forevery. What this app does is organizes your camera roll by place, time, and people who are in the picture with you. That way when you are ready to post an image online all the information is put together (creepy, I know). Finally, a trend that may be surfacing is VR (virtual reality) for social media. Yes, this is already coming out for video games, but many social media sites and articles see this crossing over into social media. They have hopes of people being able to travel different locations without leaving the comfort of your own home. This wasn’t in the article but I would assume that they would like to make it possible to chat with people through VR. I’m sure there are several ways that would make this possible, but would it be  part of the feature? We will have to wait and see.

What does this mean for our current social media platforms? I looked up two of the most well known social media platforms; Facebook and Twitter. This is what Facebook has planned in terms of growing with the rest of the newest technology. They hope to be able to incorporate VR into their social network. As many of you may or may not know about Facebook currently. It has the option of being able to Live Stream on the site. Along with being able to live stream, you can also post video and gifs. You name it. You can post it. So if they can do all of that. Why not be able to use VR on their site as well? They are currently working with scientists and the corporate of Samsung (located in South Korea). Think of all the cool things you could do on Facebook while on a VR headset. I watch a lot of live streams and if I could watch a live stream while feeling like I was with the actual person. That would be simply amazing! While Facebook is trying to strive with todays technology. There are many predictions that Twitter is headed towards a downward spiral. At this point, people are expressing how frustrated they are with only being able to post 140 characters per post. Not to mention they are very limited to other things that they can post (videos, pictures etc.). However, many people have commented that companies are more responsive on Twitter than any other social media sites. They’re predicting that this site will slowly become a social network that customers will be contacting companies.

So what did we learn today, folk? Today, we learned that live videos are on the rise, virtual reality is just around the corner, and we’re starting to get lazy with our technology. After, reading the following articles I wasn’t surprised at the predictions that were made. This is what I see happening in the future a social media. I believe that status updates and messaging are going to be a thing of the past. Everything will just be pictures and videos because we, as humans, find pictures and videos to be more entertaining / appealing over simple status updates. If you were to look at a young person’s phone you would see that they apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Periscope etc. Status’ are dead and Visual entertainment is sky rocketing. Soon that won’t be enough and VR will be the in thing. If they are already developing VR phones (Samsung). That means other companies will follow suit. Our version of the future may not be the same as Back to the Future, but were getting close.


Article Response to, “Just WOW!”


I just finished reading the article, “Just Wow”, and all I could say at the end of it was, WOW! I couldn’t believe the lack of maturity of both, Dave, and the owner of Ocean Marketing, Paul. I understand why Dave would be extremely flustered with the situation. I know I have been extremely annoyed by companies who don’t deliver what they promise from the gecko, but that still doesn’t give him the right to speak to them like he did. On the other hand, Paul had no excuse to speak to Dave like he did. Overall he was just a jerk and looked like a complete idiot. I mean, what kind of man who owns a well-known gaming company would treat a loyal customer like that? That is just all kinds of messed up!

After reading the original article (which was an email conversation between Dave, Paul – Owner of Ocean Marketing, and Mike – Owner of PAX and Penny Arcade). I did some digging to see what happen after the initial posting of the conversation on, Penny Arcade. What ended up happening was that the post-Mike had made on his site went VIRAL. When I say viral, I mean it ended up on all the social media sites that you could possibly think! We’re talking Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Kotaku, Fark, and Slashdot. This story got so crazy that Mike’s server temporarily crashed and Paul got tons of threats. It had gotten so bad he had to change his twitter name several times. Even though his “loyal costumers” would find him and keep threatening him. The next thing you know Ocean Marketing no longer exists. Crazy what social media can do!

In this blog post assignment, I must answer two questions that are related to this article.

The first question is, “Hypothesize: You have just been given control of the social media reign at Ocean Marketing at the end of the original article. What steps do you take to rescue the company?” You know, after making yourself look like a huge jerk. It’s really hard to recover from the error of your ways, but all you can do is brush yourself off and try to make things right. Personally, I would’ve contacted both Mike and Dave, and to apologize to them for the rude behavior. Then I would promise Dave that he would receive a full refund of his product, but I would also promise him that he would still be getting his controllers if he still wanted them. After that, I would make a public apology on all social media sites, and promise those customers, that had pre-ordered the product months in advance, that they will be getting ten dollars back from their order. By doing that, I can still continue the ten dollars off deal that they were advertising on their site towards people who were just ordering their product.

The next question I will be answering is, “Do you think the original poster (David) should, or could have done things differently? How about Krahuliks handling of the flame war as things escalated?” This question has me completely torn up. On one hand David shouldn’t have been so aggressive in his emails like he was, but on the other hand, it was really smart that he included those gaming news sites in the email. Let’s face it both of their maturities sub par, especially Paul’s. I condone David for including those other sites into their little email war because guys like that need to be taught a lesson. Yet, I feel like he should’ve kept his poise throughout the conversation. I know that I personally felt torn between both Paul and David from how they were acting towards one another, but at the end of the day, Paul wins the biggest jerk award.

As for Mike’s (the owner of Penny Arcade and PAX) role in this whole thing, I back him up a hundred percent for posting that email conversation. Guys like Paul need to be taken down. At the same time, Mike should’ve told people to back off on Paul. Sure he was a huge jerk about the whole situation, but that doesn’t mean you stoop lower than his level and send threatening messages to him. I mean what are we three years old? People, just need to own up to their mistakes and act their age, and not act like a three-year-old who steal each others candy and say to another person that they’re going to tell on them. If you really think about it that’s how this whole thing ended. A war between three-year-olds, or should I say grown men with the maturity level of a three-year-old.

So, what did we learn here today? We have learned that people need to slow down and think before they respond, because if you respond before you think. Then all hell is going to break loose and you will be exposed on social media. Don’t be a David, Paul, and Mike.

How one customer brought down a brand – Case Study

Starbucks Social Media Platforms


Social media has become a huge part of our lives. It informs us about recent celebrity scandals, the best deals that are going on right now, and tragedies that are happening around the world. For my assignment this week, I had to pick a company and check out their social media accounts. By doing this I needed to find out who they were signed up with, how many accounts they currently have, and why exactly they are going through all this trouble. The company I decided to go with was Starbucks.

The reason why I picked Starbucks was, because they are a very popular company and I am a huge fan of their coffee. By doing my research I discovered that they are signed up with every possible social media-networking site known to man! They were signed up with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Meetme, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter. Not to mention they also have a site that contains their “secret menu”. A lot of those sites I wasn’t really surprised about, due to the fact that I follow them on the majority of those sites. The one I was surprised about was the site, Meetme.

When I was looking up their Twitter. I saw that they had a link to the site, Meetme. Personally, this was way too funny for me because that is mainly a dating site. To me, that was very strange to see they were on that type of a site. The other crazy thing I discovered while I was looking them up was that they had not one, not two, but 8 plus Twitter accounts! I know that sounds unbelievable and simply crazy, but it’s completely true! They all range for the Starbucks Members to Starbucks Ideas, and let’s not forget Starbucks UK (which I totally didn’t think even existed until now).

So, why do I think they are on all these different media sites? For one, I feel like they are trying to reach a younger generation that depends on the World Wide Web. They need to know what the latest trends are and what’s cool, and not cool. By Starbucks knowing this generation is dependent on needing to know what’s trending. They can easily post their yummy coffee and the great deals that they having going. Not to mention the better deals you get if you are a Starbucks Member. All day long they post pictures, deals, and secret drinks that you can try out. This is their way of burrowing into your mind and forcing you to remember that they are the best. That they are number one place to go for coffee!

Let us recap on what we learned today. Starbucks is power hungry. They want to make sure that they connect with every single person in the world. Even if that means having accounts on seven different social media networks, and having eight plus twitter accounts. This company wants to show both the older generation and the younger generation (mainly the younger one) that they are hip, cool, and trendy.

What Social Media is to Me.


I use several different social media sites. One could say I am slightly addicted to social media sites, but I like being updated on EVERYTHING. This could be anything from my closest friends to celebrity updates. I also use these sites for beauty tutorials, and for ideas, I can incorporate in the future. Over the next few paragraphs, I will be reflecting on what these social media sites mean to me.

A lot of the social media sites I use are for keeping in touch with people, those sites being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. I like these sites because I can easily get in touch with people. Also, I am constantly updated on what everyone is doing. Those two things are really important to me. The reason being that I have many friends that are in different cities and in different states. So, if I ever want to get a hold of them I can just message them. If I can’t get ahold of them that way I know that I can always do my quick scan of their posts. Though, I am guilty of just “creeping” on other people and not really communicating with them. This is extremely embarrassing to admit, but who isn’t a “troll” now of days.

Another way I like to use media platforms is to get creative ideas. Whether it is beauty tutorials, home décor, clothing styles, and recipes. I, personally, only use two sites for this kind of research. Those sites would be Pinterest and YouTube. These two sites are amazing for the simple fact that you can type in anything that you need to know. Once the results come up they have different options to choose from. I mean, who doesn’t like having more than one option to choose from? I know that I love it, because if one tutorial doesn’t work then you can try a different version of it. In many cases, I’ve had to do different versions of tutorials, especially in the beauty department!

However, one thing I despise about social media, mainly Facebook, is that it keeps track of what you look up. The problem I have with this site is, that it shows what you’ve looked up or something similar to it on the side of the page. To me, that’s invasion of privacy. They have no right to keep tabs of what we do on other sites. It makes you wonder what else they, Facebook, does that we are not aware of! Scary stuff.

So, let us recap what social media means to me. It’s a place where you can keep tabs on friends, family, and updates on celebrities. At the same time, you get to learn new things that you can apply in your everyday life. On the downside, people “creep” on one another. This could be an ex, someone you hate, or someone you have a crush. Either way, we’re all creeping on one another (which can also lead to some hardcore stalking, but we’re not going to go there). Even Facebook does some heavy-duty stalking. Remember people, be careful what you post on the internet because the world has all eyes on you!