Starbucks Photo Sharing Plan


In this assignment, I was instructed to research the company I am following and figure out some sort of photo sharing plan. What I have to take into consideration is which platform would benefit my company the most and what they should post to get attention from the audience. As you may all know the company I am following is Starbucks. So naturally figuring out which social media platform to go with won’t be too difficult. In the next few paragraphs, I will be explaining why I chose the platform I did, what the overall theme will be on that platform and the conclusion.

The photo sharing platform I decided to go with is Instagram. This shouldn’t come as a shock to any of you as it was claimed as recently as March 2016. That Instagram is at number one for being the most popular photo sharing site. Instagram see as many as 400 million monthly active users. They also have more than 75 million daily users on this site. Just knowing how many active people are on this site is mind blowing. Which is why using this photo sharing site would be the most beneficial out of the rest of the photo sharing site that are out there. Also, while I was doing my research I found that Starbucks ranks at number 3 for the most followed brand on this site. With a whopping total of 1,061,655 million followers. Of course, this article that provided me with this information was from 2013. So, I took it upon myself to look at the current number of followers through Instagram and they have 8 million followers! How crazy is that to think so many people are following one company. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still in the top three most followed brands. With all the statistics I provided to you. It wouldn’t be a hard choice to make when it comes to which platform to use. Another thing to take into consideration is all the different hashtags to can use on this site. Which makes it super easy for your audience the find the product / service / interest etc. that you are providing. Then if they like what they see they can follow you in an instant. So, now that I have explained why I’m choosing the media outlet that I am.

So, now that I have explained why I’m choosing the media outlet that I am. I will be getting into the fun part of what kind of things I would like to be showing on that page. While I was researching the most popular photo sharing site and getting all of the information on that. I took it upon myself to research Starbucks and what their primary focus is on their Instagram page. To no surprise, their focus is the product which is coffee. As I was reading this article I had a little bit of an, AH HA, moment. Which I will explain toward the end of me explaining the content of the article. In the article is stated that the primary focus of their Instagram page is product based photos that tie in emotional connections that Starbucks has created with each customer and their personalized coffee. Now here is when I had my moment of, AH HA. The article goes on to explain that the majority of the content one their page is follower based. Meaning, a lot of those pictures ARE NOT pictures that Starbucks has personally taken, but they are pictures that followers have tagged Starbucks into or have done hashtags of a Starbucks product / service. Which in a way makes sense because then it gives it more of a person feel to it. Like you know for a fact that it’s actual people drinking these drinks and they aren’t pretending to like it. In a marketing sense that’s a smart move on their part, but now I will talk about why this made me laugh a little.

A few weeks ago my class watched a video called, Generation Like, on PBS. It talked about how much social media is growing more and more each day and what strategies we do to get those likes and shares. At one point of the video it talked about how a lot of companies just mention a product on any social media site, and from there the audience starts to post pictures of that product / do a little review on it. That way they get free advertising out of the deal. Which is pretty much what Starbucks is doing on their Instagram (I will leave a link of Generation Like below)!

Lastly, one other thing I would like to add before wrapping up. I feel like they should add their SnapChat username to some of the pictures they post. The reason why I say that is because I follow them on Snapchat and sometimes the picture they post on Instagram usually correlates with what they share on Snapchat. What they do on Snapchat is they do a variety of pictures and short clips of a new product that are coming out, or how you can make that particular product yourself! So, if they were to post a picture of a new product on Instagram. They could leave their Snapchat username in the description so that way those who do not know about the Snapchat can add them, and see the little clips / pictures they do on there.

Let us recap on what we have discovered, shall we? We have discovered that if we were to start up our own business and needed to share pictures of our service / product. Instagram is where it’s at. With it be the number one sharing site of all time. It also makes it easy for the audience to post pictures of the product that you produce and tag you with very little effort. Also, if the picture if really good you could use it for an advertisement (with their permission of course). Another thing to remember is that if your company has a Snapchat, be sure to post the username on almost every post that you make personally. That way you have another way to share photos with more creative opportunities!

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