The Fantasy Podcast: Ep1 Tom Baker

So the host of, Fantasy Podcast, Oliver McNeil, takes normal portraits and creates a fantasy world out of them. He also used to work with theater props and make-up for many years. In this podcast, he talks to, Tom Baker.

In the first portion of the interview, they talk about him being in the film, Golden Voyage of Sinbad, and how he got the role of Koura. He then revealed that the producers were interviewing him and they didn’t really want him playing a role that involved wearing a mask. So, they gave him the role of Koura. Following the reveal of how he got his role. He began to talk about how they would block theirs scenes with him and John Phillip Law, and how they would practice with swords. Well, during a scene they were fighting with them and John reacted to the sword coming at him and help up his hand. By him doing that Tom ended up cutting his hand really deep. The cut was so deep that it almost damaged John’s hand. Of course, he ended up being ok, but John got all persnickety towards him. Anyway, once he was done filming the movie he ended up being in Theater for a while. After he was in Theater for some time he heard about the show Doctor Who. So he wrote them a letter and sent a photo of himself, and they recognized his name and was aware that he was in Sinbad. The part about this was that the film was playing near the BBC. The producers of Doctor Who decided to go see the film and after seeing it they decided to give him the part. I thought that was pretty neat. When I heard him saying that he got a job from previous work that he has done. Makes me feel hopefully for my future career as well.


Women Making it in IT

Kurt Franklin is the host of, InteropRadio. This is located in Las Vagas, Nevada. This podcast is based on the IT community. In this podcast session, they talk about women being in the technology industry, considering this particular field have a dominant population of males. This man then goes on to say that according to Intel, girls and women are more involved in with creating things with electronic technology tools, but they are not really involved with the traditional IT things. It then goes on about how they should try to make the IT part of technology friendlier towards girls and women. They then say women’s interest in a technology degree is declining and their appearance in the work world of that community is low. Kurt then goes on to say how men and women differ from one another when it comes to identifying themselves in this field. For example; men call themselves hobbyist, builders, and engineer. While women call themselves designers, creators, and artists. Even though these men and women are basically doing the same exact thing. Which is creating something out of nothing. As he goes on to talk in his podcast, Kurt mentions how surprised he is to see so many young women involved with robotic type technology, and amongst other things. In a way that kind of contradicts what he said earlier about how women’s interest a technology degree is declining. If it were declining then why would he see and know so many women that are involved with this. Further, into his show he then mentions Intel AGAIN mentioning certain challenges about women working in the technology field. The first one is that 7% of women don’t feel safe going to maker activities, 17% of women say they live in a culture where creating things are inappropriate, and 17% of women say they were excluded because they are a woman. The last one made me sad because this is why people lose interest in their passions. When people push them away or exclude them from participating just isn’t cool.


Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

This podcast channel is about alternative ways of taking care of your heath. In this podcast, they are talking about thyroid disease and how the thyroid gets involved with illnesses. Before I get into talking about all this. I just want to say that the host of this podcast was talking REALLY fast and jumped around on what he was talking about, but I got the basics of what he was saying. The host started off by saying if you have thyroid disease it means your immune system is all jacked up and hyperactive. It also means that you may have an autoimmune deficiency. Also, when you are sick with something, even if it something as simple as the common cold, your thyroid gets involved and tries to help fight it off. The host then recommended that if you take supplements it should help you stay healthy and keep your thyroid disease under control.

After he was done talking about the thyroid, they started to talk about cholesterol. In this portion of the podcast, they bring up how mainstream doctors say in order to throw away the cholesterol in order to lower it, but the host says that is not true. He said that when you eat less of the cholesterol its creates more of it. So, in order to lower it, you must eat more of it. The reason why someone’s cholesterol would get so high is because they are probably taking in too much sugar or eating a lot of starched foods. If someone is looking to lower their cholesterol just cut out the sugars and starched foods from your diet.