Case Study: Home Depot


In this blog, I will be answering some questions about a case study, Home Depot. Before I answer these questions I will catch you up to speed on this case study. A few years ago Home Depot was fully aware that they needed to start getting involved with social media. They were just simply afraid that their marketing message would not be translated properly, but they knew that had to connect with their associates and customers with a social media platform. In June of 2010, Home Depot began to post How-To videos on YouTube. A year later they reached over 8 million views on their channel. Which surpassed their views of their boring old commercials.

Now, that I have you caught up. I will be answering four questions about the case study. Just so you all know these are my personal opinions when it comes to the following questions.

  1. What in particular about Home Depot’s business made this How-To series of videos so successful? What other industries might be able to use a similar strategy?
    • There are several things that made their How-To videos a success. For one, they kept all of the videos up to date. That way all of their videos would be new and relevant to the viewer. Also, they had the videos tie in with the seasons, and they used real people. All of these things are what viewers look for in a How-To video. I feel like other companies like, Mendars, would benefit from this kind of tactic. That way they can show off their products and have the viewer see how to use them at the same time.
  1. Are these instructional videos actually more effective than overt commercials? Why or why not?
    • Like I explained above in my last question. Not only do people want to see the product, but also they want to see the multiple uses they can do with that specific product. In commercials, all you see is the product looking all pretty, but you don’t get to see what I can do or if it even has multiple uses. That is why I think instructional videos are more effective than over commercials.
  1. Why did Home Depot choose to focus on producing YouTube videos? Would videos exclusively hosted on its company website or on other videos sharing platforms have been equally effective?
    • They chose to focus putting their videos on YouTube because they knew that their valuable customers weren’t just going to the Home Depot site, but they are also going to either Google or YouTube. Which are both go to sites. So, by going with Youtube they would get more views and searches than going with any other site.
  1. What advantages did Home Depot gain from having in-store representatives featured in the videos? Name at least two advantages, and explain why they are important.
    • One of the advantages of having an in-store representative in the videos is that they aren’t actors. They are real people who work in the store. Which mean that they have more knowledge about the product than anyone else. If it were actors in the video they would have to read off of cue cards and practice with the product several times, but that isn’t the case with the reps that work in the store. Which brings me to my next advantage. When they are in the videos everything is real. They don’t have to read off a card or practice before filming. Everything is real and legit. This helps the viewer connect with the video better, and causes them to want to go out want to try out the product and its many uses.

Starbucks Social Media Platforms


Social media has become a huge part of our lives. It informs us about recent celebrity scandals, the best deals that are going on right now, and tragedies that are happening around the world. For my assignment this week, I had to pick a company and check out their social media accounts. By doing this I needed to find out who they were signed up with, how many accounts they currently have, and why exactly they are going through all this trouble. The company I decided to go with was Starbucks.

The reason why I picked Starbucks was, because they are a very popular company and I am a huge fan of their coffee. By doing my research I discovered that they are signed up with every possible social media-networking site known to man! They were signed up with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Meetme, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter. Not to mention they also have a site that contains their “secret menu”. A lot of those sites I wasn’t really surprised about, due to the fact that I follow them on the majority of those sites. The one I was surprised about was the site, Meetme.

When I was looking up their Twitter. I saw that they had a link to the site, Meetme. Personally, this was way too funny for me because that is mainly a dating site. To me, that was very strange to see they were on that type of a site. The other crazy thing I discovered while I was looking them up was that they had not one, not two, but 8 plus Twitter accounts! I know that sounds unbelievable and simply crazy, but it’s completely true! They all range for the Starbucks Members to Starbucks Ideas, and let’s not forget Starbucks UK (which I totally didn’t think even existed until now).

So, why do I think they are on all these different media sites? For one, I feel like they are trying to reach a younger generation that depends on the World Wide Web. They need to know what the latest trends are and what’s cool, and not cool. By Starbucks knowing this generation is dependent on needing to know what’s trending. They can easily post their yummy coffee and the great deals that they having going. Not to mention the better deals you get if you are a Starbucks Member. All day long they post pictures, deals, and secret drinks that you can try out. This is their way of burrowing into your mind and forcing you to remember that they are the best. That they are number one place to go for coffee!

Let us recap on what we learned today. Starbucks is power hungry. They want to make sure that they connect with every single person in the world. Even if that means having accounts on seven different social media networks, and having eight plus twitter accounts. This company wants to show both the older generation and the younger generation (mainly the younger one) that they are hip, cool, and trendy.

What Social Media is to Me.


I use several different social media sites. One could say I am slightly addicted to social media sites, but I like being updated on EVERYTHING. This could be anything from my closest friends to celebrity updates. I also use these sites for beauty tutorials, and for ideas, I can incorporate in the future. Over the next few paragraphs, I will be reflecting on what these social media sites mean to me.

A lot of the social media sites I use are for keeping in touch with people, those sites being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. I like these sites because I can easily get in touch with people. Also, I am constantly updated on what everyone is doing. Those two things are really important to me. The reason being that I have many friends that are in different cities and in different states. So, if I ever want to get a hold of them I can just message them. If I can’t get ahold of them that way I know that I can always do my quick scan of their posts. Though, I am guilty of just “creeping” on other people and not really communicating with them. This is extremely embarrassing to admit, but who isn’t a “troll” now of days.

Another way I like to use media platforms is to get creative ideas. Whether it is beauty tutorials, home décor, clothing styles, and recipes. I, personally, only use two sites for this kind of research. Those sites would be Pinterest and YouTube. These two sites are amazing for the simple fact that you can type in anything that you need to know. Once the results come up they have different options to choose from. I mean, who doesn’t like having more than one option to choose from? I know that I love it, because if one tutorial doesn’t work then you can try a different version of it. In many cases, I’ve had to do different versions of tutorials, especially in the beauty department!

However, one thing I despise about social media, mainly Facebook, is that it keeps track of what you look up. The problem I have with this site is, that it shows what you’ve looked up or something similar to it on the side of the page. To me, that’s invasion of privacy. They have no right to keep tabs of what we do on other sites. It makes you wonder what else they, Facebook, does that we are not aware of! Scary stuff.

So, let us recap what social media means to me. It’s a place where you can keep tabs on friends, family, and updates on celebrities. At the same time, you get to learn new things that you can apply in your everyday life. On the downside, people “creep” on one another. This could be an ex, someone you hate, or someone you have a crush. Either way, we’re all creeping on one another (which can also lead to some hardcore stalking, but we’re not going to go there). Even Facebook does some heavy-duty stalking. Remember people, be careful what you post on the internet because the world has all eyes on you!